Engravable Charm

On the hunt for beautifully designed charms that have unique touches? Then you have got to check out Jowele engravable charms. These pieces can all be customized with everything from names and birthdates to numbers and favorite words. Soufeel offers intricate and affordable engraving options on their personalized. 

Engravable Charm

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Heart shape sterling silver charms to engrave-J07S4  size 9x7x0.6mm hole 1.0mm 50pcs/pack
925 Sterling silver flat round charm to engrave-J07S5  size 10x0.7mm hole 0.9mm 30pcs/pack
925 Sterling silver flat round pendant charm to engrave-J07S6  size 12x0.8mm hole 1.6mm 20pcs/pack
Sterling silver roundelle pendant charms to engrave-J07S7  size 7x0.8mm hole 0.9mm 50pcs/pack
Flat round 925 sterling silver pendant charms to engrave-J07S8  size 8x0.7mm hole 1mm 50pcs/pack
925 Sterling silver flat round charm to engrave-J07S9  size 8x0.7mm hole 1mm 30pcs/pack
Heart shape sterling silver pendant necklace charms to engrave-J07S10  size 7X6mm hole 0.8mm 100pcs/pack
Sterling silver lock engravable charm for pendant bracelet making-J07S11  size  6X4x0.5mm hole 0.8mm 200pcs/pack
Sterling silver leaf charm pendant jewelry products charms to engrave-J07S12 size 15X6.5x0.5mm hole 1.4mm 30pcs/pack
Sterling silver oval pendant charm to engrave -K7S7  size 8X6mm  thick 0.7mm  hole 1mm  50pcs/pack
Sterling silver round disc charm pendant charm to engrave-K7S9  size 12mm thick 0.8mm  hole 1mm  10pcs/pack
Sterling silver round disc charm pendant charm to engrave-K7S10  size 15mm  thick 0.7mm  hole 1mm  10pcs/pack
925 Sterling Silver Pendants  Engravable Charms  Heart  Size 14x14mm  Hole 1.5mm  8pcs/pack