Bangle Bracelet

Jowele designs stunning silver bracelets for women and bangles bracelet that complement any outfit. and accessorize your wrists with a variety of stunning metals to carry your charms,Browse our collection of silver bracelets and bangle bracelets today!

Bangle Bracelet

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Brass Bracelet Findings, Diameter 64mm, Pin 2.5mm, Hole 1.5mm, 30pcs/pack
Brass Bracelet Findings, Diameter 70mm, Pin 2mm, Ball 6mm, 30pcs/pack
Brass Plated Gold Bracelet Findings, Diameter 63mm, Pin 2mm, 25pcs/pack
Brass Bracelet Findings, Jewelry Making, Rose Gold, Diameter 62mm, Pin 1.5mm, Hole 2mm, 16pcs/pack