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How to distinguish between genuine and fake pearls

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[Why do people choose to wear pearls]

 Pearl is a classic and highly recognized jewelry. It is deeply loved by women. Wearing pearls can well reflect the feminine temperament and make women look more elegant and dignified. At the same time, pearls contain minerals and trace elements. Has health care and skin care benefits.Pearls are very versatile, suitable for wearing on all occasions, home, workplace, dating, weddings, parties, wearing pearls makes people look more gentle, Makes you more eye-catching in the crowd.In addition, pearls are also a great gift.  Presented  it to your love one, express your love with action.If you fall in love with pearls, you will start an elegant life.

[Genuine and fake pearls]

The two pearls rub against each other. If there is a rough feeling, a rustling sound, and can see the pearl powder  are genuine  pearls,Without pearl powder is fake

1. Rub gently against each other until can see pearl  powder 

2. Gently wipe the powder with a cloth or thumb

3. Restore smooth and shiny as ever


How to choose when buying pearl

1. Roundness:The rounder the better, the round pearl only accounts for 3% of the total. According to the selection criteria of jowele, its proportion is less than 0.5%, which shows its preciousness.

2. Gloss: gloss is the life of the pearl, that mean the intensity of the light reflected by the pearl and the clarity of the image.

3. Defects: defects are one of the important factors to determine the quality of a pearl. The fewer the defects, the better. Generally, it is an acceptable standard to see no defects at a distance of 0.5 meters.

4. Colors: The common colors of pearls are white, pink, black, and gold. Among them, black Tahiti and golden South Sea pearls are very popular for their own color and price.

5. Size: Size affects the value of pearls, the same quality, the bigger the more expensive.

6. Matching degree: Whether it is a string of pearl necklaces, or pendants, rings, earrings with gold, silver, diamond and gem inlays, jowele emphasizes the harmonious beauty of color, shape, and mood.jowele's designers will show emotion and culture through products.


[How to maintain pearls]

1. Avoid chemicals

2. Take it off while bathing or exercising

3. Avoid bumps and scratches

4. Take it off  while sleeping

5. Avoid direct sunlight

6. Wipe gently with a soft cloth




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