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Micro pave cubic zirconia items!

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 Cubic zirconia, also known as Soviet stone, is a synthetic gemstone which was first developed by the Soviets, hence the name Soviet stone. Synthetic cubic zirconia is a high-quality, durable, hard, and transparent synthetic crystal material. Because it is very similar to diamonds, it is an ideal choice for making imitation diamond jewelry and a common diamond substitute in the market. Synthetic cubic zirconia can be use to jewelry without any adhesives. It has high durability and is very suitable for daily wear widely used in the jewelry market is extremely rare in nature, but now it is often synthesized by artificial methods. Because of its economic benefits, it is favored by the market, attract more and more customers. People who have real diamond jewelry usually wear cubic zirconia jewelry for safety ,the output of cubic zirconia is also increasing. Each piece of cubic zirconia has been superbly cut to release its inner shine. Like natural diamonds, it is used in rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets, and is often set in precious metals. Therefore, it is very suitable for high-end jewelry making and micro pave in precious materials such as gold, brass ,platinum or 925 sterling silver.


Synthetic cubic zirconia is an ideal choice for diamond jewelry design. Cubic zirconia is the best diamond imitation in the jewelry industry. It provides the jewelry market with a variety of high-quality and low-cost jewelry to beautify our lives!



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