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Natural black onyx and black glass

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A customer asked about the difference between black onyx and black glass. How do you distinguish it?

Yesterday, a customer asked about the difference between black onyx and black glass. How do you distinguish it?

The customer took the black onyx that was bought on our website to identify it,

and the result of the identification was glass.

After our inquiry, we took the products in the library to the appraisal agency for identification. The results show that under the microscope, our agate is a “aphanitic texture”.

What is aphanitic texture?

The aphanitic texture refers to the structure of mineral particles that can be distinguished only under the microscope, generally all of the diagenetic

and effusion rocks, such as fine rock.

Glass, on the other hand, is a vitreous texture. The vitreous texture refers to a structure composed entirely of uncrystallized volcanic vitreous.

It can be seen that our appraisal agency shows that the agate we sell has

nothing to do with the vitreous texture, and the agate is indeed a natural agate.

Just why the results of the two identification departments are different?

Because our knowledge is very limited, we cannot rule out the factors of machine accuracy.

Regarding the aphanitic texture and the vitreous texture, we will continue to

inquire about relevant materials in the future, and summarize the preparation of

detailed articles for explanation.

In order to distinguish the true agate by the naked eye, we smashed

the natural black agate and black glass.

By observing the fracture, we found that there is a clear difference in gloss between the two.

The break of the black glass shimmers in the light.

After the black agate was smashed, the cracked mouth showed a matte fog.

We have attached a picture and interested friends can view it.


If you have relevant experience and knowledge, please do not hesitate

to share with us, welcome your comments or contributions.

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