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1. Q: How can I access to a product?
A: We used to find products one by one according to the catalog, but now our Jowele website established the classification function, you can enter the product keywords, such as: material, theme, size, style, etc., so you can quickly find it .

2. Q: What if I can not login?
A: Dear customers, if you can not successfully landed, there may be the following reasons:
The first reason: may be filled out incorrect e-mail, an incorrect letter could be led to failure .
The second reason: forget the password. If you forget your password, please click the "Forgot Password" button to modify it.

3. Q: If the site is running very slow, how should I do?
A: Dear customer, when you browse our website,and found that it runs very slow, here we have two recommended to help this out.
First, if you are using the Internet Explorer browser,please try other browsers, such as the Firefox browser, the free Firefox browser, and the URL:http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/
Second, you can use this proxy (link) to access our website. If you have any questions, please contact the email:http://socks5.com/
We will inform the technical department to carry out the inspection. We apologize for the inconvenience ! Thank Attention!

4. Q: How to cancel the order in progress?
A: When you want to cancel the order in progress, please contact our E-mail:[email protected]
We will try to meet your requirements if the goods have not been sent out. Please note that we will normally begin shipping within 1-2 days after confirming your order. Please contact us immediately if you find any errors.

5. Q: Do I have to calculate the shipping cost myself?
A: No, your system will automatically calculate the total shipping cost for you when the destination is confirmed

6. Q: How do I change the current currency to my country's currency?
A: On the top right of our website page, you can find a small box called "US Dollar, US". You can click the triangle to see the currency of different countries. Please select your country currency. The price of the product will automatically be converted to the price in your country's currency.

7. Q: How do I calculate my total shipping costs quickly?
A: First of all, please click on "Freight Calculator", it is in the top right of our website page.
(A) Select the sending country.
(B) Total weight of the goods.
(C)Select the means of delivery by your own. If you'd like to compare the various shipping options, click "Select all" and then display the comparison and the details of the various shipping methods.

8. Q: What is the minimum order amount for your website?
A: 100 dollars, not including freight.
As a leading wholesaler of jewelery, we price our products at a very competitive level, but in addition to cost and shipping, the merchandise requires additional processing fees. We set minimum order amounts to save packaging and labor costs .
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.

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