Natural Shell

Natural Shell

Shell Beads and Pearl Beads These very beautiful shell beads are entirely cut and shaped from natural shells. Perfect for Earrings, Bracelets and Necklace. Fine pearls do not have any flaws or spots but an even,smooth texture in the nacre.


Evil-eye Beads

Eye beads were (and are) highly valued in many traditional cultures worldwide as strong talismans to deflect the "Evil Eye" or malevolent intent back to its origin.

Hollow Shell

Hollow seashells are designed for pendants,necklaces,and earrings known as their natural feature:bright color, light weight.

Flowers and Clovers

From packs to pairs, here at Jowele we have a sea of flower shell beads for you to choose from.We have round shell beads, rectangle shell beads and even cat shaped shell beads as well! Our variety is rare and original, so that our clients can create something totally bespoke to them.

Shell Beads Strands

Jowele Provide Various Mother of Pearl Beads, Welcome to Order

Pendant & Connector

Various High Quality Mother Of Pearl Pendant Products from Global Suppliers