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Cultured pearls

With the unique feature of natural pearls, cultured pearls and pearl beads add a sense of beauty to jewelry designs and are permanently fashionable.


Strands Beads

Bead strands for jewelry making and arts and crafts projects are available online at Jowele! Shop beads on a string in a variety of bead colors and types.

Half-hole drilled beads

Half-hole pearls can be used to make necklace pendants, rings, earrings and other jewelry, add jewelry to the East of the mysterious and elegant temperament. welcome to order from Jowele

Pearl Beads

Pearl is an ancient organic gemstone, mainly produced in pearl molluscs and mother-of-pearl mollusks. Pearls are mineral beads containing calcium carbonate produced by the endocrine function of shellfish, and are composed of a large number of tiny aragonite crystals. The variety is rich, the shapes are different, and the colors are colorful. It symbolizes health, purity, wealth and happiness, and has been loved by people since ancient times. Pearls are also divided into freshwater pearls and seawater pearls. Pearls come in various shapes, but the most typical ones are round and pear shapes showing various colors, but they are usually white or light-colored, and have varying degrees of luster. Pearls are white, red, yellow, and dark. There are five kinds of variegated colors, most of which are opaque.