Wholesale high quality and low price gemstone beads pearl beads

Jewelry Beads

Beads - this is the basis of costume jewelry, as they allow you to create your own jewelry, combining various details, also to be make into Necklace and Bracelet. Jowele provides a large selection of quality gemstone beads and semi precious beads from around the world. Wholesale Pricing and Quick Delivery on Beads, Beading Accessories and Beading Supplies from Jowele.


Lampwork Beads

Jowele Lampwork Beads are melted through the torch, creating amazingly intricate designs using tools and hand movements. Variety of Hand-made Lampwork glass beads with artistic features are gathered Jowele.

Glass Beads

Jowele Glass beads from elegant to playful, our glass beads come in an unbeatable combination of beauty and value.Find various high quality Glass Beads for handmade jewelry making at low price, including crystal glass beads and Czech glass beads, electroplate glass beads,etc.Variety of Glass beads could be to acquire from Jowele.

Rhinestone Beads

Wholesale beads supplies from Jowele. We provides Rhinestone Beads with cheap price. All Rhinestone Beads can be wholesaled in bulk or retailed with cheap price.

Lampwork Pendant

Jowele Lampwork pendants in various styles, fine workmanship, for necklace pendants, bracelet accessories, earring pendant decorations

Resin pendants

Jowele provides Resin Beads of many different varieties with low price and high quality,suitable for a variety of handmade jewelry making, welcome to order from Jowele.

Luminous Stone

Luminous Stones are a material found in Breath of the Wild. They can be mined from Luminous Ore Deposits, which can be found scattered all over Hyrule, but especially in caves and overhangs. They glow with a soft blue in the dark, making them difficult to miss