Wholesale high quality and low price jewelry tools and packaging

Tools and packaging

Jewelry Making Tools and Jewelry Making Supplies are in stock at Jowele, so you can be certain you'll find exactly the right tool for all your jewelry making needs. Hammers, Anvils, Files, Beading Pliers, Sizing Gauges, Torches, Magnifiers and so much more are in stock and ready to ship. Our large selection of Jewelry Tools is perfect for advanced jewelry repair, or simply making jewelry for your own enjoyment.


Stringing Materials

Stringing Materials making for Jewelry,Jewelry wire is an important component of jewelry production, different materials jewelry wire can be used to match different styles of beads, bracelets, pendants, connectors, etc., the main jewelry wire&cord with Nylon thread, Polyester Cord, Acrylic Thread, Crystal Thread, etc.

Jewelry Packaging Box

It would be more perfect if your beautiful jewelry is packed in a beautiful box!


 Pliers are an indispensable tool for every family. They are very versatile and must be used in DIY jewelry. the good  quality of  Pliers can make your work easier.


The right tools are an essential element in the creative design of jewelry. Straight pliers provide good and loyal service when working with metal wire for jewelry and supplies

Gemstone Massager

Benefits of our Gemstone Massager :1. Improves blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin 2. Detoxifying the skin, promoting lymphatic drainage 3.best gift for parents