Gemstone Bracelet

Gemstone Bracelet

We'll show you a gemstone bracelet in this video, its creative materials are mainly composed of Semi-precious stone beads and mini brass spacer beads.

In this tutorial we were choosed the Morganite stone, white crystal, lapis lazuli, with brass beads of gold and silver tone, pink elastic wire. The color of the wire you choose will make the transparent gemstone color more vivid and pretty. 


1.cut a piece of elastic wire in required length

2.elastic wire pass through the needle

3.thread into a gemstone bead and a brass bead

4.repeat the above step

5.the number of beads is required according to the width of your wrist

6.finally, tie a dead knot and finish the creation

The instruction please following here:

Materials needed:

6mm of round gemstone beads

3mm of golden brass beads

A piece of lastic wire

A scissors

A brass needle

Hoping you will interesting in this tutorial!